Reading comprehension

A text for elementary English learners

خور۱A big Star

What is big and bright? What gives Earth its
light? The sun! The sun is a star that is close to
Earth. It is a ball of fire and gas. It gives Earth
heat and light. Living things need heat and
light. What would Earth be like without the

Directions: For questions 1-3, circle the correct answer.

Q1: What gives Earth its light?

خور۲                                ماه

a: The sun                                                                   b: The moon

Q2: What is the sun made of?

رود                                 آتش

a:rivers and trees                                                         b: Fire and gas

Q3: Which planet is the sun close to?

ژوپیتر                                   زمین

  a: Jupiter                                                                      b: Earth



A text for intermediate English learners


In 1961 on the 12th of April, a Russian man called Yuri Gagarin became the first human being to travel into outer space. Eight years later, a man called Neil Armstrong became the first human being to walk on the moon and step onto another world away from the Earth.

Astronauts or cosmonauts are trained to pilot, command or work as a crew member of a spacecraft. They can also perform scientific experiments, repair damaged satellites and collect information about other distant planets and stars.

Space is an extremely dangerous place for a human being. For this reason astronauts wear space suits which allow them to breathe. If an astronaut did not wear a space suit for protection, they would explode. This is because there is no atmosphere in space. The human body is not built to function without pressure of the Earth’s atmosphere.



Answer the following questions:

Q1: Who was the first human being to travel into outer space?


Q2: In which year did this take place?


Q3: Who became the first man to walk on the moon?

Q4: Another name for an astronaut is a….

a Pilot                    c Cosmonaut

b Scientist              d Conductor

Q5: Name two jobs that an astronaut might do in space


Q6: What do astronauts wear for protection in space?


Q7: If an astronaut went to space without a space suit, what would happen?

Q8: Why would this happen?


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